Have you ever considered running your company outing, company meal or teambuilding event focusing on health? Your employees will benefit.

At all events we organize, you do not have to behave our eat compulsively healthy, but you have the opportunity to do so and learn about the background to a healthy lifestyle. The whole thing with fund and enjoyment.

We offer among others:

  • Company outings, e.g. a hike with special body experiences, special nutrition (pre-ordered, healthy march catering selected by the participant before), health stations (strength, flexibility, coordination, short trainings, medical monitoring stations)
  • Dinner: Multi-course menu with healthy options and background knowledge about healthy nutrition, after dessert with the special experience of "chocolate pleasure" with blocked receptors for the sweet taste. Also possible as a cooking class.
  • Team building, e.g. as a health contest on a farm
  • Health day in the company with medical and training stations
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